Dispute Settlement

It is worth noting that the importance of settling disputes lies in shortening the period of litigation and reaching a satisfactory settlement for the parties outside the framework of procedures before the regular courts, where we can provide innovative methods for resolving disputes such as:

  • Providing self-capabilities that allow the concerned parties to settle their disputes through arbitration or mediation, and this includes providing the appropriate capabilities for the sessions of the arbitral tribunal and all necessary administrative work.
  • Provide flexible and impartial mechanisms for resolving disputes easily, at the lowest cost, and as quickly as possible.
  • Attracting Arab businessmen and companies to settle their disputes with the Academy’s arbitration center instead of resorting to foreign arbitration chambers and centers and enduring large financial losses.
  • The regional and international leadership in the field of economic and commercial dispute settlement services. This step comes in response to the global economic and technological developments and the information and receipts revolution in the third millennium, and its reflection on all local and global economies. Its contractual relations, investments and disputes arising from it are preferable to be settled away from the local judiciary and its long procedures. In short, time and effort, and in implementation of the will of the parties to the contract and dispute.